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Groovystuff Expands Winter Internship Program

DALLAS,TX – Groovystuff is pleased to introduce Ian Williams from the Industrial Design program at Appalachian State University and announces the return of Meghan Wilson from the Auburn University Industrial & Graphic Design program for the winter academic break, December 16, 2014 to January 9, 2015. Mr. Williams, and Ms. Wilson are taking part in the “Groovystuff: Connecting Education with Industry Internship” program established in 2011 by company founder Chris Bruning. The curriculum for this 25 day internship is designed to provide future graduates with real world job experience in the residential home furnishings industry prior to their graduation.

“The program is an excellent fit for students interested in entering the residential home furnishings industry,” says Chris Bruning, President of Groovystuff. “We’re growing by leaps and bounds right now, and the fast paced environment at Groovystuff gives these future graduates a vast range of experience during their internship that will provide them with a competitive edge above their colleagues when they are ready to approach the job market.”

Ms. Wilson began her internship experience as a sophomore with Groovystuff in the winter of 2013 and continued her fourteen week mentorship during the summer of 2014. Now a junior in the School of Industrial and Graphic Design at Auburn University, Ms. Wilson so successfully grasped the interoffice administration system that her role will include management of the new interns coming into the “Groovystuff: Connecting Education with Industry Internship” program.

Mr. Williams is the fourth intern to participate in the education to industry program. He will participate in a two stage mentorship at the company’s corporate offices in Dallas, Texas. His fourteen week program begins December 16, 2014 - January 9, 2015 and is scheduled for completion May 19 to August 8, 2015. During this time Mr. Williams will gain valuable on the job training in product design, quality control, customer relations, inside sales support, year-end inventory, first and third quarter marketing strategy as well as participation in the summer 2015 company trade events. When asked about his internship opportunity, Ian said, “Groovystuff and Appalachian State have had a great relationship over the years through sponsored studios and competitions. I knew that I would really enjoy being a part of their company not only through these successful partnerships, but because their ideals of good design meshed with an approach of sustainability and innovation were values that I personally shared with them.”

Clark Lundell, Chair and Head of the Industrial & Graphic Design Department at Auburn had this to say regarding the Groovystuff internship program: “The wonderful relationship that the School of Industrial and Graphic Design at Auburn University has with Groovystuff allowed our students to be exposed to and participate in the High Point Furniture Market in a direct and meaningful way. Chris Bruning has not only exposed our students and their designs to the market but also encouraged and brought them into the realm of product development and sales.”


Reinventing how companies approach the market has never been more essential than it is today. Groovystuff endorses the future through educational outreach with University programs across the country by providing graduates with real world market experience with "The Groovystuff by Design: Connecting Education with Industry Challenge," and exposure in “The University Hall of Innovation & Job Creation”, a sponsored space at market that provides emerging graduates with networking opportunities and a platform on which to build on their association with the industry prior to graduation. Due to the extensive word of mouth and industry outreach generated by these host programs since inception in 2010, Groovystuff is pleased to announce that corporate sponsorships have been lined up through the Spring of 2016. Participating universities for the 2015 calendar year include: The University of Oregon, Marywood University, and the continued collaboration of Auburn University, Appalachian State University and Florida State University.

About the company: Founded in 1998 by Chris Bruning, based in Dallas, Texas, Groovystuff designs, produces, and distributes unique, eco-friendly, reclaimed teakwood home furnishings at upper-medium and high-end price points.

Groovystuff is also a founding sponsor of “The University Hall of Innovation & Job Creation,” an industry co-operative founded by Chris Bruning that bridges the gap between education and the residential home furnishings industry. The University Hall of Innovation & Job Creation provides an invaluable opportunity for students and professors to network with retailers, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, journalists, and industry professionals at the residential home furnishings trade events here in the US.