Unique Home Furnishings Crafted From Reclaimed and Sustainable Sources

The University Hall of Innovation and Job Creation

Stasis Coffee Table By Lee Beatrous

Stasis, literally meaning “a balance” is one of the newest collections added to the Groovystuff furniture line. Brought to you by designers Lee Beatrous and Chris Bruning, The Stasis living room collection represents the branding partnership between Dick Idol Legends and Groovystuff. Influenced by the many styles of furniture produced by Groovystuff, I was able to design a coffee table with the versatility to accent a variety of living room spaces. This table implements reclaimed farming equipment as well as teak root pieces, giving the table a very natural feel while maintaining a crisp and clean visual appeal.

Stasis Coffee Table by Lee Beatrous

"The Wingback Adirondack Chair" by David Roan "draws inspiration from the feel and form of traditional adirondacks, bringing an air of sophistication and refinement equally as suited for the dining room as the porch. The wingback shape was introduced to add a subtle curvaceousness to the signature linear planks the adirondack style is known for."

Meet the Designer: David Roan is a graduate student in the Florida State University Interior Design program. He is a former state law enforcement officer who made a drastic change in careers simply for the love of design."

"The Wingback Adirondack Chair" by David Roan

With her design, Eliza stayed with the rustic and natural look of Dick Idol and GROOVYSTUFF products while modernizing the design to appeal to a wider variety of consumers. A series of cut eucalyptus disks in varying diameters are placed on a wooden frame to form the base. Space between the disks allow for light from a lamp inside the base to shine through. This table lamp has the ability to be accent lighting as well as task lighting when needed. This versatile lamp is functional and can be practical in many different design aesthetics.

The Radial Lamp by Eliza Hallock

"The Quattro Coffee Table" by Florida State University student Giselle Canizares "was designed from salvaged teak barkwood pieces with metal barrel part inserts. The metal inserts can be easily exchanged to create an entirely new look for the table. A shelf that sits below the table top was created to provide an open storage option for the table. This piece provides the character you need to create a rustic contemporary look that will be the accent to any environment, whether it is inside or out."

Meet the next designer debuting at the High Point Market | The World's Home for Home Furnishings, #hpmkt.: Giselle Nicole Canizares "was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador and moved to the United States in 2002. Since she was a young child, she has always shown interest in the interior design field. She attended Florida State University and acquired her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design degree in December 2013. Giselle is currently pursuing a Master's of Science in Interior design at the same prestigious university and plans to graduate in the Summer of 2015."

"The Quattro Coffee Table" by Giselle Canizares

The Modular Stacking Table by Kacie Leisure was inspired by the wagon wheel rim. She took the wheel's curvature and applied the shape to wooden teak boards. This provides a sleek and sophisticated look that allows each piece to be identical. These pieces are then stacked in a triangular pattern, held together by reclaimed steel pipes, and topped with a rounded triangular glass tabletop. This coffee table unit can be used alone, or in a group to celebrate the modularity and create as large a table as desired.

The Modular Stacking Table by Kacie Leisure

"The Penumbra lamp by Zac Green is a base of planed reclaimed teak and glass or clear acrylic walls. Inside the cube are interesting twigs and sticks that creates a shadow from the light concealed int he center of the wooden base. The shadow that is created causes great interest for the viewers when the light is on in the dark."

Groovystuff "Penumbra" Table Lamp by Zac Green

The Teak Bull" by Ath Supomchai. "Teak Bull" is a combination of words which mean "a bull made from teak wood. The chair represents the characteristics of how magnificent and strong the bull is through its form and structure, most particularly in the leg structure. Once when I was a kid, I had a revolving question in my mind, "How can a bull really stand? Their legs were too small compared to the body. So I put this idea into my chair. The Good joinery and good back position of arryingpole to spread forces, is the main idea of how this chair is manufactured."

Meet the Designer: Ath Supornchai: "I studied industrial design(yrs3) at King Mongkut’s institute of technology ladkrabang(KMITL). My passion is for minimal furniture especially wood because I believe that lesser the design are the more designers

The Groovystuff Teak Bull Chair by Ath Supoprnchai

Since inception, more than 500 students have participated in the program to date from design programs across the US to include: Appalachian State University, The Art Institute of Las Vegas, Auburn University, University of Georgia, The University of North Carolina, North Carolina State University, The University of Idaho, Purdue University, Columbia College – Chicago, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, The University of Minnesota, Florida State University, and the international expansion to the Industrial Design Program at KMITL in Bangkok, Thailand.

Groovystuff by Design:  Featured Student Artists

The Groovystuff "Vail Chair" by Mike Herbert. A rustic modern lounge chair Bond could feel comfortable in.

Meet the Designer: Mike Herbert is a junior at Columbia College Chicago majoring in product design and film/video. He is inspired by historic design, and the meanings behind artistic movements. To him, design isn't merely making objects look nice, its to serve others in the world to be able see and experience excellent things. For a long time, he has been inspired by the glory days of American train travel and art deco architecture. Now, being involved in church music, filmmaking and art and design has given him a broader perspective in pursuing what makes our created things worthwhile and meaningful

The Groovystuff "Vail Chair" by Mike Herbert
The Pathos Patio Chair By Brent Dutton

The Boldly designed teak Pathos chair is at home equally in nature or on a contemporary patio. Inspired by asian ox-carts, the Pathos offers a comfortable place to relax with an “antique modern” feel. It is constructed with re-purposed heavy ox-cart wagon wheels and held together by steel rods, aluminum spacers and brackets.

The Pathos Patio Chair by Brent Dutton
Deschutes Bench By Shelly Walbert

The Deschutes bench, inspired by the river which shares its name, showcases the beauty of raw teak through contemporary rustic design. The Deschutes River is named from the French phrase "le riviere des chutes” meaning “the River of Falls”. The Deschutes follows a path of untouched beauty in the Pacific Northwest, ranging from the desert to the forest, while seamlessly enhancing the surrounding environments. The Deschutes Bench follows the tradition of its river namesake, using eco-friendly design and contrasting elements to add an enriching, timeless piece for any setting inside or outside your luxury mountain home. walbertmc@appstate.edu

Deschutes Bench

Flowing water provides an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. The inspiration for this piece stems from the idea of incorporating the cascading lines and movements of running water. The driftwood pieces, which can be viewed as either ascending or descending down the base, contribute to the piece’s organic design. The fixture is fixed to a solid base, which adds to the sturdy design.

The Running Waters Lamp by Rachel French

The "Oil Drum Love Seat by Andrew Tobias was inspired by Groovystuff’s passion for creating outstanding furniture forms from beautiful reclaimed materials, this loveseat concept aims to use minimally augmented materials in an aesthetically pleasing form. The rustic teak hardwood contrasts with the vibrant oil drums providing a dynamism in any environment. The Petrol Loveseat embraces the actual size of an oil drum. This creates an intimate seating arrangement for 2 or a luxurious experience for 1. It surely will fuel your relaxation."

Meet the Designer: "Hello! I am Andrew Tobias, a current Florida State University graduate Interior Design student and freelance designer. I have been in the art and design fields throughout my upbringing. The problem solving aspect of the design process is what drives me to continue designing. Upon graduation this upcoming August, I hope to begin work within a team at a successful furniture design company."

The "Oil Drum Love Seat by Andrew Tobias

The Groovystuff "Villageois" Coffee Table by Lee Cooper "is a clean, rustic accent piece to a living room or den. The gently rolling steel has subtle curves that reflect upon the ornate steel gates that initially fueled the inspiration for this piece. The base of the table provides a strong foundation for the glass top both aesthetically and structurally."

Meet the Designer: Lee Cooper. "Design has always attracted me due to the pure craft aspect and personal satisfaction that is brought by the conclusion of a design process. My design roots were initially started from wood carving in the early part of my life in Southern Alabama and my interest for design progressed as my school education and personal asperations further enlightened my knowledge of design. Furniture design has always interested me due to the necessity for both form and function, and the wide variety of craftsmanship aspects that come with making furniture."

The Groovystuff "Villageois" Coffee Table" by Lee Cooper

The Prism Bar Set by Alejandra Arenas "is created from recycled barrels and teak barkwood. The contrast of materials gives the bar sool a unique look. ColorBlocked has a simplistic design, which allows for the furniture piece to be integrated into different design schemes. It can be used in a variety of environments including residential, hospitality, or commercial. The ColorBlocked Bar Stool can be placed indoors, as well as, outdoors, depending on the user’s prefers."

Meet the Designer: Alejandra Arenas "was born in Bogota, Colombia, and moved to South Florida at the age of seven. She graduated from Florida State University in Tallahassee with a Bachelor’s in Interior Design. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Science in Interior Design at Florida State University. With the help of Groovy Stuff she has been able to explore different ideas of furniture design. The challenge of only being able to use certain materials was something very different, challenging, but very exciting to see what the outcome came to be."

The Prism Bar Stool by Alejandra Arenas

As a foundation, “The University Hall of Innovation & Job Creation” partners with the university programs that service our market and the “Groovystuff by Design: Connecting Education with Industry Challenge” is the vehicle we utilize to provide these programs with access to our industry events, transportation, accommodation, a sponsored space at the trade event, days of mentoring at market by trade professionals, advertising, and funding to attend the High Point Market in April and October.

The class is then given a sponsored space at the High Point Market in “The University Hall of Innovation & Job Creation” to showcase their creations to the estimated one hundred fifty thousand retailers, interior designers, suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, media, and trade professionals attending the annual market. The student displays include a 20” x 30” product board, ¼” scale model and 42” tall pedestal for each of the student models. Students interact and network with trade professionals, gather feedback on their designs, and are exposed to the real world of design, manufacturing, sales, and distribution in the home furnishings industry. Trade Professionals vote on the marketability of the student designs with the winner awarded a cash prize and the opportunity for that student’s design to be put into production by Groovystuff with the possibility of lifetime royalties.
“The University Hall of Innovation & Job Creation” supports the home furnishings market, the educational programs, and the future graduates who will directly contribute to our industry by providing product innovation; access to cutting edge technology for manufacturing; research; trends; and market statistics that ensure the global competitiveness of US suppliers of residential home furnishings.

Groovystuff by Design:  Featured Student Artists

"The Moonshine Storage Bench" by Danielle Konen "is a multi-use furniture piece that is constructed out of re-claimed teak wood and recycled metal from 55 gallon drum tops. The metal color can be customized to better meet the client’s need. This furniture piece will help store the clutter around the house while providing a place to sit. It can be used in different types of spaces whether its in a mud room, playroom, or living space."

Meet the Designer: Danielle Konen. ""My name is Danielle Konen and I’m a first year Interior Design Graduate Student at Florida State University. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design in December 2013 at Florida State University. I was born in Walla Walla, Washington and moved to Florida when I was eleven years old. Ever since I was little I loved to travel with my family and explore hotels. This is when I decided I wanted to be a designer. As a designer, I am very interested in the furniture design process. This project has helped me think realistically by limiting the materials that can be used. I love the fact that all the materials are re-claimed or recycled."

"The Moonshine Storage Bench" by Danielle Konen

In 2010 Chris Bruning of Groovystuff founded an industry/university collaboration called “The Groovystuff by Design: Connecting Education with Industry Challenge.” Since inception, more than 500 students have participated in the program to date from design programs across the US to include: Appalachian State University, The Art Institute of Las Vegas, Auburn University, University of Georgia, The University of North Carolina, North Carolina State University, The University of Idaho, Purdue University, Columbia College – Chicago, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, The University of Minnesota, Florida State University, and the international expansion to the Industrial Design Program at KMITL in Bangkok, Thailand. In the education to industry collaboration with Groovystuff, the company ships a box of reclaimed materials to the university and the professor guides the students in partnership with design direction from the Groovystuff staff via Facebook. Students participating in the Challenge are tasked with developing a residential home furnishings product utilizing the reclaimed materials found in the Groovystuff product line.

Groovystuff by Design:  Connecting Education with Industry Challenge

"The Ambivoid" by Austin Gauley. "The goal of this project was to reimagine a reclaimed material in a new form that was only subtly reminiscent of its former self. The Ambivoid utilizes a reclaimed oil drum, reshaping the curves of the original form into a continuous profile, suspending the user above the created void. The profile can be flipped on its top to serve as either a chair or a side table. Inspired by curves in mid-century modern furniture, the Ambivoid captures a glimpse into the past life of the reclaimed metal white creating a rustic modern, modular piece."

Meet the Designer: "Austin Gauley first completed his Bachelor's degree in Interior Design at Mississippi College and is now a second year graduate student at Florida State University pursuing a Master's of Fine Arts in Interior Design. He has always been interested in different areas of art and design including painting, sculpture, graphic and interior design. This being his first furniture design project, he was excited to explore another part of design and specifically reinterpreting reclaimed materials into new and useful forms. Austin plans to first practice in retail or hospitality design working on branding interior spaces and later wants to purse a career in academia."

"The Ambivoid" by Austin Gauley

"The FIONA Corner Shelf" by Alex Leadon morphs reclaimed materials into a streamline and unique design. Contrasting materials and intersecting planes are utilized in this re-imagined floating shelf. Hairpin legs and wood slats hark back to the early to mid 20th century. The FIONA can be used as a table between guest chairs or a display shelf to house precious items. Available in various shelf colors, The FIONA is sure to be eye-catching in your environment.

Meet the Designer: "Alex Alex Leadon is a Master of Fine Arts graduate student in the Florida State University Interior Design Department. She is currently working on a project-based thesis for this program that focuses on effective workplace design and serves as a teaching assistant for her department."

 "The FIONA Corner Shelf" by Alex Leadon

"The Geodesic Metal Side Table" by Elisha Vincent is intentionally captivating. It utilizes abstract form, texture, angles, to intertwine a modern approach to the rustic materials. The whole furniture piece is made out of sustainable reclaimed metal oil drums welded together. It was inspired by Groovystuffuff’s Moonshine Collection with the vibrancy and bold statement that these colors make. This piece is versitile and can be used in residential settings, as well as hospitality design."

Meet the Designer: "Elisha Vincent is a passionate artist and designer. She believes that design can truly make a statement and a difference to better the lives of people. She is a pursuing a Masters of Science degree at Florida State University in Interior Design."

"The Geodesic Metal Side Table" by Elisha Vincent

"Connect" by Katie Timmerman is a modular, multifunctional cube. These cubes can be showcased as a singular piece, or can be grouped together. For grouping, the design incorporates a simple detail that allows cubes to interlock, keeping the pieces locked in place. Connect cubes are offered in a variety of colors, creating a customizable solution for any room.

"Profile" is a lounge chair that is made of reclaimed wood, recycled oil barrel, and tubular steel. The side elevation of the chair evokes a simple, modern, and elegant form that makes this chair a statement piece.

Meet the Designer: Katie Timmerman "graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Florida State University, and is currently pursuing an MFA in Interior Design from the same program. After graduate school, Katie plans to practice Interior Design, and she hopes to pursue the hospitality sector of design."

"Connect" by Katie Timmerman

The Groovystuff "Savana Nature Rack" by Eric Sia. "Nature is simple, it can exists in a grand scale or in the smallest details, it is authentic, elegant ,and pure. Sometimes nature provides a gift, an inspiration to bring together the most unique combinations of Mother natures treasures to create a divine perfection, the Savana Nature Rack."

Meet the Designer: Eric Sia. "The design brief was to develop a home decor product that will enhance the modern rustic design life style. My inspiration came from the different types of materials. I was drawn to the light colored Eucalyptus cut pieces and the larger teak, branches, I like the contrast between the two colors of light and dark. The Savana Natural Rack is a magazine, news paper and book holder, that has the aesthetic that will complement a room with modern rustic feel with its simple design."

The Groovystuff "Savana Nature Rack" by Eric Sia

Katie tried to incorporate the rustic feel of Groovystuff with her lamp by using very dark and bold colors. Since the barrel is the main focus, she added wooden circular dots to surround the barrel in order to give it a spark of more modern design. The barrel is cut into 2 pieces and mounted on a red stand to pop some color. In between the barrel cut outs, there is a thick piece of wood that is painted black and supports the two pieces together. With such thick and heavy materials, this lamp gives off a very rustic look and the wooden design dots give it the perfect amount of unique style.

The Wood Cut Barrel Lamp by Katie Long
Shasta Teak Desk By Joe Loco

The Shasta Teak Desk blends both rustic materials with contemporary styling. By combining the use of reclaimed farming tools with modern aesthetics, I achieved a visual curiosity. This compels the user to want to learn more about the history of the product and the story of the materials. The smooth base contrasts with the rough teak wood half wagon wheel top. This combination creates a “harmony of opposites” that is visually intriguing, and genuinely unique.

Shasta Teak Desk by Joe Loco
The Suture Fix Table By Cassie Bradfield

Inspired to create a graceful blend between the rich character of the Groovystuff reclaimed teak wood and the slick surfaces of modern furniture, I sought to create harmony between the two worlds by celebrating the natural beauty found in eucalyptus and teak wood by framing the end grain with a frosted glass surface, creating a two level table. The SutureFix table was designed to celebrate the found artifacts within a glass enclosure.

The Suture Fix Table by Cassie Bradfield

The "Stickwork"lamp by Sally Lolene Bluemke, is a standard desk lamp that was inspired by the world renown artist Patrick Dougherty. I was inspired by the intricate and elegant weaving done by Dougherty, and implemented a similar technique in the center of the lamp base.

""Stickwork" features two separate lighting systems. The first, like most lamps, has a light emitting from the lampshade. Th...See More

Groovystuff "Stickwork" by Sally Blumke

The "Drift Away Storage Shelf" by Florida State University design graduate MK Crouch. "Grab an apple from the perfectly perched drifter root basket one week and then trade out for two wooden platters to serve up those delicious appetizers at your next dinner party the following week. This versatile storage system is designed to adjust to your ever changing needs. Select from a variety of sustainable, hand-crafted baskets and platters and add to the durable steel frame to create a sculptural statement on your countertop that still supports the everyday tasks of your life."

Meet the next AMAZING Designer from Florida State University debuing at the High Point Market | The World's Home for Home Furnishings: "Mary Catherine Crouch is a Master of Fine Arts student at Florida State University. After eleven years of practice in healthcare firms, with a specialty in senior living environments, she has decided to pursue an academic career. She feels that teaching the next generation of students about design for aging is an important way to serve the design community. She also believes that products should be created that are functional, yet instill a sense of delight for the users no matter their age."

The "Drift Away Storage Shelf" by Mary Katherine Crouch

This design incorporates the rustic feel of the Dick Idol and Groovystuff brands into a contemporary interpretation. While the base utilizes reclaimed teak wagon wheel parts and an antique plow is used for the decorative handle and center support, the top is milled clean, giving definition to an otherwise organic form. Lastly, my interpretation illustrates the illusion of a floating top. The table is cantilevered, creating more negative space and visual interest.

Balance Table by Jeremy Maher

The Groovystuff "Ascension Bar Table Set" by Zachary Ernst was designed "through visual balance and suspension. Ascension uses an aged teak stump suspended as a visual weight to represent the weight and longevity of a tree. Reused wagon wheel rim iron comes up as if growing like a tree ascending to the sky. Ascension is the perfect bar table set for a contemporary home."

Meet the Designer: According to Zach, "Throughout my life I have always had an interest in art and the communication of life and emotions through it. Today, design gives me a practical opportunity to use both art and intellect to help improve peoples lives. Incorporating sustainability into my desings is very important to me and the opportunity with Groovystuff was an excellent opportunity to work with a company that exemplifies sustainable design. Currently a junior in Industrial Design at Auburn University, I am interested in consumer furniture and home decor design as a very real and exciting opportunity to explore not only as a hobby but as a profession."

The Groovystuff "Ascension Bar Table Set" by Zachary Ernst

"The Teak Top Coffee Table" by Meh Shan is constructed from tempered glass, re-claimed teak wood, and recycled wagon wheel sections. The use of these materials creates a balance between light and dark and the point they overlap reflects the bond between past and future. By deconstructing and reinterpreting forms these items go from unusable waste to functional and aesthetic pieces for daily life."

Meet the Designer: Mehdi Shayan "was born in IRAN and he moved to United State in 2006. He has Bachelor of science in interior design from Florida State University and degree in computer science from IRAN. He is passionate about interior design, and that interest led him to work hard in order to accomplish his goals. Currently he is a Graduate interior design student at FSU. Using reclaimed materials and finding a new purpose for otherwise unused or unwanted items that at one time had an important role requires ingenuity and vision. Mehdi’s goal was to embrace the integrity of the reclaimed raw materials and reinterpret each items form and function in an unexpected way."

"The Teak Top Coffee Table" by Meh Shan